Research & Advocacy Organization for Socially Responsible Sustainable Development.


Our Mission

  • Encourage socially responsible, earth-friendly action.
  • Raise awareness for the efficient use of natural resources.
  • Foster conversations that lead to results.
  • Influence tangible implementation of sound solutions.

Our Philosophy

We are a catalyst for change. We raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that put forward an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy.

Our Methodology

We develop and manage comprehensive, efficient and effective initiatives — building advocacy support for sound ideas. From initiative development, to communicating findings, we look for common sense solutions that can achieve effective results.


Latest News

02 Jan 18
“Erongi People” Launched

To galvanize earth-friendly enthusiasts, Eneref Institute launches an inspiring social media campaig...


We launch initiatives that spur decision-makers into action. We encourage participation and sponsorship in our initiatives from like-minded organizations and individuals. And we welcome opportunities to launch entirely new initiatives that echo our mission.

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    Distribute our Advocacy Reports to influence better outcomes and cause someone to act in favor of people and planet before profit.

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    Understanding the Market Obstacles to a healthy planet gives you the power to help drive change.

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Green sprout and soil isolated on white

Circadian Lighting

The use of daylight to brighten our homes and buildings reduces electricity consumption and also creates a more healthy space for occupants. Learn more.

Sustainable Flooring

Naturally, where we walk is the most used part of our structures, and offers a great opportunity to reduce our use of natural resources. Learn more.

Sustainable Roofing

Naturally, where we walk is the most used part of our structures, and offers a great opportunity to reduce our use of natural resources. Learn more.

Heating & Cooling

Space heating and cooling accounts for half of all home’s and building’s energy consumption. Learn more.

Cloud Commuter

Today, 100 million people commute to work every day. Commuting by cloud instead of car saves time, builds neighborhoods uses no gasoline. Learn more.

Water and Women

A global initiative to find solutions, as advocates for the world’s water carriers, to the problems we face in supplying clean water to everyone. Learn more.