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Increase Your Building’s Visual Comfort for Better Work and Enjoyment


Strategically placed skylights and windows maximize the use of natural daylight, lowering the need for artificial lighting. Studies have demonstrated better test scores among students who study under natural interior daylight. And many building owners and architects have reported energy savings received received from natural interior daylight.

Public Library Installs Skylights

Eneref Institute examined and reported on skylights installed in the City of Berkeley, Berkeley Public Library, West Branch Library. The West Branch Library is a completely new building, designed to comply with the City of Berkeley’s 2009 Climate Action Plan.

“Having beautiful spaces was really important,” explains librarian Sarah Denton, “and a large part of that was having daylight available at the branch.”

On the roof of the building are nearly thirty VELUX skylights that give the building a feeling of “lightness and airiness,” according to Sarah Denton. Fifteen of the skylights open, allowing fresh air into the building. The VELUX fresh air venting skylights also allow heat to escape during summer months.

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