Can solution providers participate in Eneref initiative?

Can solution providers participate in Eneref initiatives?

Solution providers benefit from Eneref Institute initiatives even if they don’t share any financial contribution.

The goal of each Eneref Institute initiative is to increase the acceptance and understanding of clear specific solutions for, potential purchasers, end users, and the media. Initiatives are primarily funded by Eneref Institute, so solution providers do not need to do anything in order to benefit from our initiatives.

However if a solution provider would like to participate more directly in an initiative, they can fund a specific report: where Eneref Institute examines the solution within a given situation and authors an independent 3rd-party report on the benefits, with testimonials from stakeholders.

Eneref Institute is a research and advocacy organization focused on environmental and social responsibility opportunities as a catalyst for change. The mission of Eneref Institute is to launch initiatives that raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that put forward an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy. Please also read our mission statement.