Eneref Institute Events

Eneref Institute hosts web forums, seminars and constellations.

Eneref Web Forums

Eneref Web Forums are live web-based conferences designed to enhance our initiative. We seek to inspire a groundswell of support and credibility for our initiatives and the sustainable solutions they encourage.

Eneref Seminars

Eneref seminars are a brings together small groups of industry stakeholders to discuss our initiatives. We partner with end-users and industry stakeholders to advocate for solutions.

Eneref Constellation Networks

Eneref Constellation groups bring together executives and industry experts, creating an interconnected network to advance innovation and promote best practices. Networking within Eneref Constellation groups leads to partnerships between end-users, businesses, and researchers, facilitating the transfer of new technologies to the market.

International Conferences

International conferences and tradeshows attend by Eneref Institute to promote our campaigns and initiatives. We attend conferences to draw national and international attention and mobilize the media into advocates for our initiatives. And we help you open the front door to the government agencies and organizations who align with Eneref Institute initiatives.