June 24, 2015

Eneref Institute for NEMA on Natural Interior Daylight

Building Owner’s Toolkit

Natural interior daylight, or daylighting, brings high-quality lighting into building spaces through skylights and windows. Using the sun as a light source to replace electric powered lighting makes natural interior daylight a renewable energy technology. When integrated with dimmable lighting controls for the artificial electrical lighting, natural interior daylight reduces energy costs.

A well known Heschong Mahone Group study found increased test scores and faster learning rates for classroom students with more daylight. According to another Heschong Mahone study, better window views were associated with better worker performance and reduced fatigue in office environments. And intelligent placement of venting skylights improves air quality and thermal comfort, according to a Group 14 Engineering study. A list of daylighting reports can be found on

 To learn about Eneref’s Natural Interior Daylight Initiative visit here.