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A global campaign to reduce the fuel we burn (and time we waste) commuting to work.
December 2015

Eneref Launches First in a Series of Videos

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December 2015

Daylighting for US Department of Defense

Working with leading lighting designers and architects, Eneref Institute delivers the military’s Architectural Best Practices for daylighting. Our marching orders from the Pentagon are to return with “evidence-based” comments in support of daylighting.

May 2015

NID Virtual Campus Launched

Eneref Institute launched the Natural Interior Daylight (NID) nitiative webpage targeting building owners and homeowners. View the website, here.

January 2015

Eneref Provides NEMA Content

NEMA (National Electric Manufacturers Association) publishes a Building Owner’s Toolkit for the High Performance Building Council. Eneref Institute has authored the paragraphs describing daylighting for the Toolkit. Eneref’s NEMA text can be found here.

May 2014

Eneref Builds Team of Daylighting Advisors

Eneref Institute’s Natural Daylighting Initiative is grateful to benefit from some of the world’s leading lighting designers.  

February 2014

Eneref Published Daylighting Report

The Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society published Eneref Institute’s report on the daylighting market in the February, 2014 issue of LD+A. Download here.

January 2013

Natural Interior Daylight initiative launched

Eneref Institute  announces the launch of their Natural Interior Daylight (NID) initiative.  Multiple lighting studies have demonstrated increased health and human productivity benefits for students and employees in spaces with properly designed natural interior daylight. Daylight harvesting, including windows, skylights and tubular daylighting devices, in place of or in conjunction with traditional electric lighting, also significantly reduces a building’s energy load. Read More.