Validate Your Solution with Evidence-Based Reporting

Let your customers speak for you through testimonials, reported by Eneref Institute, an independent 3rd party advocacy organization.


Prove It

We build confidence for your solutions with rock-solid Customer Testimonials within Eneref’s independent, 3rd-party reports.


Show It

We solidify support for your solutions with compelling Customer Testimonials embedded in Eneref short videos.


Sell It

We align your reports with Eneref’s initiative and campaigns so your solutions strongly resonate with stakeholders.


Have a green story to tell?
Why settle for a case study when you can fund an Eneref report.

Your Participation Benefits

You Build Trust

We help you partner with customers, end-users and industry stakeholders who advocate for your solution.


You Socialize

You will inspire a groundswell of support in social media while building credibility for your solutions.


You Get Press

You will draw national and international attention and mobilize the media into advocates.


You Draw Crowds

You can highlight your solutions in Eneref Reports with Eneref-hosted seminars or events.


You Grow Stronger

We help you open the front door to the government agencies and organizations who align with Eneref Institute initiatives.


You Make Sales

You will convert customers into advocates, with true round-table discussions by spotlighting your solutions in our reports.


Q: What do we do?

We create game-changing initiatives that lead to the right conversations with key decision-makers to influence results and drive change.

Q: How do we do it?

We motivate stakeholders into action by aligning your solutions with the unique narrative of Eneref Institute’s initiatives and reports.

Q: Are we effective?

We uncover compelling testimonials from your customers that validate the benefits of your solutions, and report them as an independent 3rd-party.


We encourage potential sponsors to engage in a brief Discovery Exchange to determine how participation in an Eneref initiative would be beneficial.