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Water and Women

A global initiative to find solutions, as advocates for the world’s water carriers, to the problems we face in supplying clean water to everyone.

It’s not just the collection of water that has a distinctly gendered impact. Health, sanitation, location of water sources and the economic uses of water are often more adversely felt by women than men.
Here’s a brief progress report.
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Flooring + Roofing

A campaign to save our natural resources (and enjoy nicer floors) in our buildings.

Sustainable Flooring Initiative encourages building owners and architects to use earth-friendly materials when specifying floors.

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Heating + Cooling

Eneref’s Efficient Heating and Cooling Initiative was created to demonstrate and promote the benefits of water as a heat transfer medium.

Eneref Institute considers water among the most efficient and greenest energy transfer medium available, and the initiative is an education and advocacy effort for greater use of hydronics.

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Cloud Commuter

A global campaign to reduce the fuel we burn (and time we waste) commuting to work.

CloudCommuter Initiative encourages people and organizations to use the cloud in a way that allows more employees to work nearer to their home.

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Circadian Light

A campaign to reduce our carbon emissions (and enjoy nicer lighting) in our buildings.

Natural Interior Daylight Initiative encourages homeowners, architects and building owners to use daylight as a primary light source.

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