Eneref Institute Journalistic Integrity

The key components of Eneref Institute initiatives include research and publishing the market obstacles to common sense solutions that can achieve effective results, and authoring compelling reports about success stories in order to recommend best practices. We respond to our research findings by advocating for them with key stakeholders.

What we will do
  1. Encourage civil dialogue.
  2. Respond to questions about accuracy and fairness.
  3. Verify information before releasing it.
  4. Use original sources whenever possible.
  5. Identify sources clearly.
  6. Encourage posting and redistribution of our reports.
  7. Allow others to respond to criticisms.
What we won’t do
  1. Deliberately distort facts or context.
  2. Write a report that is clearly promotional.
  3. Attribute quotes to someone other than the interviewee.
  4. Plagiarize others.
  5. Allow others to plagiarize our reports without attribution.
  6. Accept quotes that were obviously written to promote.
  7. Gather information surreptitiously.


Eneref Institute gratefully acknowledges the help of the Society of Professional Journalists for our list of ethical standards.