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January 2, 2018

“Erongi People” Launched

To galvanize earth-friendly enthusiasts, Eneref Institute launches an inspiring social media campaign, branded “ERONGI PEOPLE.” The ERONGI PEOPLE™ campaign introduces a series of 30-second mini-episodes, celebrating successful ideas in sustainability.

The series will appear on Erongi People YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Erongi People are citizen-customers, whose job is to persuade the business community to act in the interest of our planet. When we ignore our planet, we encourage others to ignore our planet as well. Together, we can turn this around.

Eneref Institute developed Erongi People as an emblem of environmental awareness to embolden a crusade for action. The Erongi People insignia is an icon for anyone who wants to constructively impact the planet.

The social media series is scheduled to run regularly and often, with each new episode encouraging thoughts into deeds. Ideas for each new Erongi People mini-episode will come from ready-to implement sustainable solutions that positively impact the environment, human health and natural resources.

Already, anthropogenic global change has nearly bankrupted our ecosystems, demolished the planet’s biodiversity, devoured our natural resources and perpetrated unprecedented degradation on our environment. The influence of human behavior on Earth’s atmosphere is so significant it constitutes a new geological epoch. Much of today’s social upheaval throughout the world is a result of climate change, turmoil that will grow more severe with our swelling population and diminishing natural resources. The consequences of inaction are dire.

We ignore the planet at our peril. It’s time to reverse “ignore,” into “erongi.”

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August 2, 2017


Eneref’s New Outreach Liaison for Government Affairs to Educate Federal Agencies on the Benefits of Natural Interior Daylight

Philadelphia, PA – August 8, 2017 — Eneref Institute, an international research organization dedicated to sustainable development and advocacy, is proud to announce that Eric Huffman has been selected as Eneref’s Outreach Liaison for Government Affairs in Washington DC for Eneref’s Natural Interior Daylight initiative. Huffman will work across federal government agencies to educate Washington on the benefits of daylighting as a primary light source.

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April 2, 2017


Eneref Institute Creates Networking Group of School Administrators to Foster Sustainable Development

Initiative Will First Gather a “Constellation” of School Administrators to Offer Ideas to Overcome Market Obstacles to Natural Interior Daylight in K-12 Schools

Philadelphia – April 7, 2017 – Eneref Institute, a leading advocate for sustainable development, announces the launch of its Constellation Networking Group of School Administrators. Eneref will invite administrators who are considering including daylighting in their schools, or who want to share their experience about daylighting with other administrators.

Eneref Constellations bring together executives and industry experts, creating an interconnected network to advance innovation and promote best practices in sustainable development.

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