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Two decades ago, Eneref Institute was barely a speck on the radar. Then known as Eneref Group, the organization was a small player with a very low profile. But over the years, Eneref quietly has become bigger, stronger and more capable. Today, it’s no secret that Eneref Institute is a leader in advocating for socially responsible sustainable development – with a growing presence and a strong portfolio of reports – thanks to a decade of strategic partnerships, sponsor integrations, and organic growth.

Eneref Institute is poised for continued success, based on the following key success factors:

  • A strong portfolio of invaluable reports with social gravitas;
  • Relevant strategies with clear and up-to-date campaigns and initiatives;
  • Simple, disruptive messages that engage key decision-makers at key points of contact;
  • A dynamic culture based on a shared passion for continuous improvement in earth-friendly actions;
  • A motivated team, properly trained, resourced and incentivized to make a difference;
  • A strong collaborative network of global 500 sponsors;
  • Cash to invest behind our campaigns and initiatives;
  • And finally, a strong global foundational brand to support growth.
Patricia Travers
Communications Director


November 25, 2019

New Eneref Report on VRF Technology

Eneref Institute to Publish First Report Highlighting the Advantages of Energy Efficient VRF technology.

The report is part of our Cool Room Cool Earth Campaign series, which sheds light on the necessity of inverter technology as an efficient and cost-effective tool against climate change. 

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Eneref Institute develops comprehensive and effective initiatives — building advocacy support for sound ideas. From initiative development, to communicating findings, we look for common sense solutions that can achieve effective results.

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