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Key Testimonials

“The architect got a bonus. He’s going to get more light than he expected,” — Jeff Keate, Aladdin Industries.

“I’m comfortable saying polycarbonate has 10 times the toughness of impact-modified acrylic,” Ted Trautman, Covestro.

Key Interviews

  • Aladdin Industries
    • Jeff Keate, President
  • Big-D Construction
    • Jared Brooks, Senior Project Manager
  • Covestro Materials
    • Ted Trautman, Ph.D., Technical Director/li>


Spread across 45 acres, the Post warehouse building is one of the largest distribution facilities ever built in Salt Lake. In any facility, lighting decisions make a great impact on the occupants’ health, wellbeing, and safety. But when a facility is as large as the new Post warehouse, the impact of those decisions is multiplied.