Report Methodology

Eneref Institute is a research and advocacy organization, but first and foremost is advocacy.

The goal of our reports is the implementation of solutions we recommend in our reports, which are based upon extensive research.


We lead our reports with a hook to encourage our reader to continue.


We get right to the point—here’s why you should do this. The benefits section of Eneref’s report is like the subhead of an advertisement.


The solution section of our report is where Eneref paints a picture of the exact solution that was implemented. Think of it like the image used in an advertisement.


The decisions section of Eneref’s Advocacy Report is where we describe the conflicts and challenges that were overcome. The goal is to help others overcome similar challenges.


The full project is described toward the last one third of Eneref Institute’s report. Here is where you will find detail that were not yet included, like the body of text in an advertisement.


Our results section is like the tag line. We look for honest feedback from each member of a project we interview.

Eneref Advocacy Report are laid out in this order: Lead, Benefits, Solution, Decisions, Project, Results.

Our reports use the convention of prints ads, where the lead in our report is like the headline, the benefit is the subhead, and so on.

The full project is described toward the last one third of Eneref Institute’s report, like the text that describes the details in an advertisement.

This non-traditional approach to a report is designed to influence tangible implementation of sound solutions and foster conversations that lead to results.

Want a visual reference of our methodology? Click HERE.