About Eneref Institute initiatives


We launch initiatives that spur decision-makers into action.

Our initiatives are designed to encourage responsible behavior of public and private organizations, municipalities and corporations. We welcome ideas for new ideas for new initiatives from industry, government agencies and non-government organizations. Today Eneref Institute manages  numerous initiative campaigns promoting energy efficient lighting, efficient HVAC, sustainable flooring, as well as emergency responses to climate change.

The mission of Eneref Institute is to launch initiatives that raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that put forward an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy.


We offer comprehensive management of efficient, effective and successful initiatives — from creative development, to communicating findings, to building advocacy support for sound ideas.

We take a holistic, human approach in developing initiatives. We review resource management and renewable opportunities as well as effects on climate policy and carbon management, especially waste, water and energy. We consider how our environmental stewardship effects natural resources. We encourage responsible decisions about real estate land use, community engagement, growth boundaries, planning and investment.

The goal of any Eneref initiative is tangible results — actual implementation of our endorsements.

The key components of Eneref Institute initiatives include research and publishing the market obstacles to common sense solutions that can achieve effective results, authoring compelling case study reports, sustainability reports and responsibility reports about success stories, publishing our Solutions Reports in order to recommend best practices and responding to our research findings by advocating for them with key stakeholders.