Applied Research

 How We Research

For basic research, Eneref Institute gratefully acknowledges the support of leading research partners.


Our applied research is accomplished by exploring the economic, social and environmental benefits of advances in sustainable development within various market sectors. We seek to solve practical problems, by employing empirical methodologies using rigorous research protocols. We employ a technique of systematic inquiry, accessing members within the research communities, industry and academia to develop theories, knowledge, and techniques that drive our initiatives.

We gather and evaluate data from individual case studies; interviewing qualified and quality stakeholders within the sales channel, from manufacturer to end user. In preparation for interviews, we develop an advocacy report abstract based on our understanding of the results at the onset as well as our expertise on the subject matter.  We also rely on influential reports. Because we may not have access random samples, we believe transparency in our methodology is crucial.

We typically assign two researchers to an advocacy report, with complementary strengths. Researchers prepare the final outline for our writer and editor. A team meeting including a writer, editor and researchers are held when the final outline is handed off by the research team to editorial team. Numerous drafts are reworked before a finalized version is proofed and copy-edited for publication.

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