How are Eneref Institute initiatives funded?

How are Eneref Institute initiatives funded?

Funding for our initiatives comes from the volunteer efforts of individuals who strongly believe in the goals of Eneref initiatives as well as from private and public organizations. 

The goal of any Eneref initiative is tangible results — actual implementation of our endorsements. The key components include (r1) research and publishing the market obstacles to common sense solutions that can achieve effective results, (r2) authoring compelling case study reports, sustainability reports and responsibility reports about success stories, (r3) publishing our Solutions Reports in order to recommend best practices and (r4) responding to our research findings by advocating for them with key stakeholders.

Funding for initiatives primarily comes from Eneref Institute’s founder, Seth Warren Rose. Funding also comes in the way of volunteer efforts by strong supporters of our mission. Some funding comes from government or quasi-government organizations who may have an interest in a particular initiative. Corporate organizations looking to fund our initiatives can sponsor Eneref Institute to author a compelling case study report, sustainability report and responsibility report featuring their solutions.

Eneref’s case study reports are drawn from industry experts and solutions manufacturers. While we make efforts to promote all our case studies, our primary mission remains the promotion of ideas and the benefits the solution offer. In this way, Eneref Institute and our case study reports, have become the industry standard for independent 3rd-party validation of industry solutions.


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