April 27, 2009

Eneref Institute examines the use of solar-powered LED area light fixtures for energy-saving outdoor illumination.

SolarOne Solutions combines the best of both worlds: beautiful LED lighting and photovoltaic solar power by employing a unique management system to control both for maximum efficiency and reliability” — Moneer Azzam, SolarOne Solutions President.

Night-Time Street Lighting Powered By Daylight

Solar-powered area lighting is an opportunity for the electrical business community to offer a significant new innovation to commercial facilities. One such innovative lighting company in the United States might offer a glimpse into the future of outdoor illumination. 

Solar-powered LED light fixtures from SolarOne Solutions of Framingham, Massachusetts began to show up in 2009 as street lights, pathway lights and as parking lot lighting in many parts of the United States and in a project in Canada.

In Burlington, Ontario, the Appleby Woods apartment complex installed nearly 20 solar-powered fixtures to illuminate the entire parking lot, without any underground trenching wires. Beyond the installation of the SolarOne streetlights, Appleby Woods’ commitment to sustainability includes ecologically friendly building materials and energy-saving design. 

The turning point for SolarOne Solutions came a year before, in 2008, with the largest installation of solar-powered LED fixtures in the Northeast at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the oldest such school in the U.S. The Maritime Academy is an environmentally progressive facility so it’s no surprise the school chose to install 73 of SolarOne’s solar-powered LED streetlights. The lamps were high lumen white 5,500K LEDs, creating high visibility without glare because of the high color temperature of the low-level lighting.


At Massachusetts Maritime Academy, twenty-two SolarOne fixtures were set up at one of the entry drives. The installation was simple and preserved the land by eliminating the trenching and repaving.

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