Industry Alliance

Fast & Painless

Our 3 simple steps to successfully advancing your solution.

Eneref offers a collection of communication strategies to influence results and drive change for pro-earth solutions.

Very Effective

Motivate stakeholders into action by aligning your solutions with the unique narrative of the Eneref Institute initiative.

We create influential, game-changing campaigns, that lead to the right conversations with key decision-makers.

1. We Prove It

We build confidence for your solutions with rock-solid Customer Testimonials within Eneref’s independent, 3rd-party reports.

Eneref Institute is the industry leader for reports that demonstrate best -practices in sustainable development and social responsibility.

2. We Say It

We solidify support for your solutions with compelling Customer Testimonials embedded in Eneref short documentary videos.

Eneref Institute produces 90-second video documentaries that include  testimonials from your customers or other stakeholders.

3. We Show It

We present your reports on Eneref’s Virtual Campus so your solutions strongly resonates with stakeholders.

Become part of a bigger message—our campaign—with our tailor-made Eneref initiative, created to advance social responsibility and sustainable development.

You Build Trust

You partner with customers, end-users and industry stakeholders who advocate for your solution.

You Socialize

You inspire a groundswell of support while building credibility for your solutions.

Your Social Media will be much more effective when your message is part of a bigger story about making a positive impact. 

You Get Press

You draw international attention and mobilize the media into advocates.

You Draw Crowds

You highlight your solutions in Eneref Reports with Eneref-hosted seminars or events.

You Grow

You open the front door to the government agencies and organizations who align with Eneref Institute initiatives.

You Make Sales

You convert customers into advocates, become a leader for your cause and drive change.