May 9, 2020

Michelle Sandbox-2



Life is complex, profound, and full of surprises and challenges. When these come rapidly, life is frequently hard, often confusing, and sometimes outright deceptive. And, as they say, life isn’t fair; or, at least, not one to distribute its gifts equally. Some people find and achieve their dreams with relative ease; others struggle long and hard; some never make it at all. However, contrary to popular belief, not making it is rarely due to “bad breaks,” even if one is born homeless and despised. Usually, lack of success is due to responding poorly to life’s requirements.

Life is full of important lessons, and the earlier they’re learned, the better. The sooner a person gets acquainted with what real life is about—the challenges and the opportunities, the unique slot everyone fills, the dangers of entitlement and self-pity—the sooner he or she learns to handle the challenges, take the initiative to find his or her slot, and head off wrong habits before they develop; and the more time there is to accomplish the maximum good. Here are some life lessons to teach your children while they’re young.


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