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When PR firms partner with Eneref Institute to promote their clients through Eneref Campaigns, their creative achievements are inherently good. Be a PR Firm For Planet Earth. 

Eneref identifies the good that our sponsors do to encourage them to do more. That is our mission. We promote their good work through Eneref Reports. We encourage others to follow their lead by creating campaigns. We look for PR partners to work with our sponsors to grow Eneref Campaigns and promote the Eneref Reports that identify the success achieved by our sponsors. 


FAQs for Our PR Partners

What is the arrangement between Eneref and our PR partners?

We are strategic partners seeking to promote the good that Eneref sponsors have achieved. Eneref Institute publishes Eneref Reports and launches Eneref Campaigns. Our PR partners promote and market Eneref Reports and Eneref Campaigns. Our PR partners use Eneref Reports to highlight the Eneref sponsor’s solution and promote the sponsor’s campaign participation. Eneref sponsors benefit from public relations work provided by our PR Partners to attract press and highlight the messaging in Eneref Reports.

Who maintains the client relationship?

Our PR partner maintains the ownership relationship of Eneref’s sponsors in order to provide marketing services. The goal of Eneref Institute is to validate the good work of Eneref sponsors in the form of Eneref Reports. Once the Eneref Report is complete, our PR partner helps our sponsor promote the Eneref Report and the Eneref Campaign.

Who is responsible for writing the Eneref Report?

Eneref Institute is responsible for authoring the Eneref Report with guidance from our PR partner and sponsor. Eneref Reports are deeply researched, evidence-based studies that include testimonials from end-use customers and subject-matter experts.

Can Eneref help our PR partners acquire new clients?

Yes. Our sponsors are looking for your marketing help to promote our Eneref Reports. Together or separately, we approach sponsors in order to publish and promote Eneref Reports and Eneref Campaigns. To help sponsors understand our campaign goals, Eneref creates a pitch deck with examples of Eneref Campaigns and Eneref Reports based on our sponsor’s solutions.

Who pays for the Eneref Report?

Although we receive funding from various entities, our sponsors fund our Eneref Reports. Separately, our sponsors fund our PR partners to promote our Eneref Reports.

How much revenue can our PR partner expect?

Our PR partners invoice our sponsors for producing all the promotional material to amplify the Eneref Reports and Eneref Campaigns. The material may include press releases, events, social media, videos, and whatever creative content our partners deem necessary to get the messaging across and get ink in the press. For each Eneref Report, our PR partner can expect to generate roughly nine months of retainer billing from our sponsor.

Is there a cost to partner with Eneref?

No, neither party is obliged to pay a fee to the other. Fees are paid by our sponsors. 

How do our partners use the Eneref branding?

Our branding is intended to help our PR partners amplify our campaign messaging. Eneref, Eneref Institute, Eneref Report, Eneref Campaign, and all other Eneref marks are trademarks of Eneref Institute. Eneref authorizes our PR partners to use the Eneref marks in any way that will help our sponsor promote Eneref Reports and Eneref Campaigns.

How do our partners use Eneref Reports?

While Eneref maintains the copyright on Eneref Reports, Eneref grants our PR partners permission to use any and all of the content in the Eneref Report in any way that our PR partner believes will benefit our sponsor or our partner’s relationship with our sponsor. 

How does Eneref create an Eneref Campaign?

Eneref Campaigns are the foundation of our Eneref Reports. We create unique campaigns that align with our sponsors’ good works and then build the Eneref Reports around the campaign. Our campaigns give our PR partners an additional resource with which to access media as well as other hard-to-reach influencers.

How does Eneref create Eneref Reports?

Eneref Reports validate our sponsor’s solutions through customer testimonials and expert recommendations. Eneref Reports are deeply researched studies, normally requiring several months to complete. Eneref Reports often include quotes from subject-matter experts and end-user testimonials. 

How are Eneref Reports and Campaigns funded?

The Eneref sponsor funds Eneref Institute’s creation of the Eneref Report, although Eneref Institute also receives funding from other institutions. Our sponsor pays our PR partner to promote our sponsor’s participation in Eneref Campaigns as well as to amplify the Eneref Reports where they are featured.

What kind of sponsors benefit from Eneref Reports?

Every organization is a potential Eneref sponsor. The philosophy of Eneref Institute is that all companies do some some good for society, even if this is just a small part of the company’s business model, and even if it’s by accident. Eneref wants to highlight the good that organizations do to encourage them to continue and do more of that action. 

Can the partnership include our PR partner's current clients?

Yes. When our PR partner is familiar with the client, Eneref Reports are especially successful. Sometimes the PR firm has an existing client for whom they have exhausted their creativity. An Eneref Report offers an entirely new social responsibility perspective to promote for their client. Sometimes our PR partner can increase their billing by continuing their current work with the client and adding an additional revenue stream.

What are the benefits for Eneref's sponsors?

Eneref Campaigns promote a good story about our sponsors through our independent third-party Eneref Reports. Our campaigns associate our sponsor’s brand with our campaign for good to help them grow customers by validating their solutions through customer testimonials. Eneref Campaigns target a multi-level audience and amplify our sponsor as a responsible citizen with stakeholders that advocate for the Eneref Campaign.

What kind of an organization is Eneref Institute?

Eneref Institute is a Washington DC non-profit research and advocacy organization for socially responsible sustainable development. Eneref Institute receives funding from other non-profits, foundations, and government entities. Eneref Institute also receives funding from Eneref Limited Liability Corporation, which is funded by for-profit corporations, including our sponsors. 

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