July 6, 2019

Steel Windows in North Carolina Home

“We looked at a number of different products,” said Josh Allison of Josh Allison Architecture of Charlotte, NC. “The Hope’s steel windows and doors are not only time-tested, durable and low-maintenance, they fulfilled our aesthetic and functional requirements like no other.” 

Eneref Institute examines the results of a residential adaptive reuse project for a family with a rich history in business and manufacturing.

Josh Allison, AIA, LEED AP, Principal of Josh Allison Architecture of Charlotte, NC, selected Hope’s® Windows, Inc. custom handcrafted steel window and door systems to renovate and expand a 4,700-square foot home – while respecting its original mid-century modern architecture.

Having been hit by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, the damages suffered by the property left it vacant for months. The house sits on a beautiful 18-acre piece of property in the state of North Carolina. Decades ago, it served as the birthplace for the family’s business and now hosts both large gatherings and intimate, multi-generational family get-togethers.

After a tiring period dealing with insurance claims, the homeowners were ready to renovate and rebuild what they had lost. This time, however, they wanted to make sure no other natural disaster would catch them off-guard.

This was the reasoning behind the architect’s preference for a window company whose reputation is built around their high-quality products which are rigorously tested to not only meet the minimum building code requirements, but also to exceed them in multiple instances.

The homeowners recall the moment when they discovered what was left of their family property after the hurricane: “Most windows were broken, the living room and kitchen were flooded, furniture was damaged beyond repair… It was truly a helpless time.”


“Electric-operated hot-rolled steel transom windows installed around the house will strengthen this property against the test of time.”