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Kickstart Program. 

Not yet ready to commission an Eneref Report?

Getting started can be challenging. Eneref’s KickStart Program starts the ball rolling — even before all the pieces are in place — and delivers the tools needed to proceed with your influential Eneref Report.

Take the First Step. KickStart Your Eneref Report.

Cost $4,200

Kickstart Program


4 Week Process

Week 1

Eneref Involves Other Voices

Eneref begins to build a team of internal and external stakeholders to identify opportunities and risks, and brainstorms with on-board team members to eliminate barriers.

Week 2

Eneref Identifies Opportunities

Eneref Identifies best interview candidates. Evaluates openings and “lucky breaks” that can deliver the strongest arguments while also prospecting for additional benefits.

Week 3

Eneref Resolves Complexities

Eneref determines weaknesses or “holes in the argument” to craft our response, while assessing how to mobilize media into advocates for a groundswell of support.

Week 4

Eneref Delivers Action Plan

Eneref delivers a clear one-page detailed roadmap as a valuable reference tool for moving forward with an Eneref Report, including a report storyline, tasks, schedule and objectives.

Week 1

Agenda of Initial Meetings: Eneref Involves Other Voices

Internal and external team members engage in a brief Discovery Exchange to determine how a sponsor’s participation in an Eneref initiative would be most beneficial.


Learn about Sponsorship Benefits and solutions for participating in an Eneref Institute initiative and publishing an Eneref Report.

Meeting Discussion Length

Typically 30 minutes.

Who Should Attend

Sales executives
Marketing executives
Operations executives

Points of Discussion

Your opportunities for growth
Your top sales challenges
Your top branding goals
Vertical markets to penetrate
Your solutions

Engagement Opportunities

Build new customers
Stakeholders engagement
Government relations
Media relations