Case Study Submittal

How We Approach Our Reports

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Advocacy reports published by Eneref Institute are designed to accomplish three objectives. First, we tell a story that piques curiosity. Second, we explain technology in a way that’s simple to grasp. And third, we make a compelling argument in support of specific, actionable, earth-friendly solutions.

Eneref Institute considers material learned from our interview process as privileged communication that should not be shared or discussed with anyone outside our designated editorial review process.

Eneref advocacy reports follow a, problem—solution—results protocol. A set of interview questions are prepared for each case study in line with our format which allows us to compare apples to apples. What makes Eneref Institute advocacy reports unique is that we endeavor to incorporate testimonials from each significant participant in order to paint a valid and well-rounded picture for others to follow.

Research for advocacy reports are also used for Eneref Institute market reports. Once the interviews of stakeholders are complete, we develop a story outline. Interviewee responses are grouped by topic, with a goal designed to allow us to compare and contrast viewpoints and achieve an even-handed analysis. Throughout the interview process our researchers search for opportunities to include high-quality photographs to better present the story.

The mission of Eneref Institute is to advocate for socially responsible, ecologically sensible and economically viable solutions. Our advocacy reports are designed to further that mission.

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