Internships with Eneref Institute


We offer interns unique and challenging assignments that lead to valuable insights into the operations of entire industries, individual organizations and government administrations. Our internships allow you to build your resume and make valuable contacts. If you excel in your position, you will take with you tangible work samples, glowing recommendations, and perhaps a job offer with Eneref Institute, or affiliated organization, at the conclusion of your internship. Gaining meaningful work experience in your field of interest is our priority as well as yours.


Our mentors will coach you through projects, share industry knowledge with you, and provide you with constant encouragement. As an intern, we encourage you to seek out and build relationships that may serve as references and help you network to find your next job.

Application Process

When applying for an internship with Eneref Institute, or weighing your options, choose from the opportunities below that best match your interests, objectives, needs, and availability. You may also talk with yours school’s career advisor to better understand the process of securing an internship and making the most of it. To get started, we require a brief cover letter describing your interest in working with Eneref Institute, a work resume or school transcript and two reference contacts from school or work.

Time Commitment

During the summer months, both part-time and full-time positions are available. During the school year, positions are shared with other interns, and can be arranged anywhere from 5 to 20 hours a week. Time commitments reflect how substantial the position is, but for those who desire more hours, we can easily fill up the interns’ hours with projects related to the position description.

Work Location

All positions are worked off-site via the cloud as part of Eneref Institute’s CloudCommuter™ initiative. Interns are expected to have access to high speed internet and their own computer. All interns are expected to have a reasonable understanding and comfort level with the common software for either Mac or PC, especially email, word processing and spreadsheet programs of their choosing.


Interns will be compensated for pre-approved expenses that may be required to successfully complete their tasks. For those interns who, after the completion of their internship, are asked by Eneref Institute to continue their work, or are asked to take on a more expansive role, financial compensation will be considered at the discretion of the mentor.


2017 Opportunities

Current Initiatives

Natural Interior Daylight
Erongi People
Water & Women
Heating & Cooling
Roofing & Flooring
Cloud Commuter


All interns will participate in ongoing Eneref Institute initiatives, and can expect public recognition for their efforts that meet our standards. We strive for tangible, documented results, and therefore interns can expect to have evidence of their excellent work. Eneref Institute initiatives advocate for sustainable development and social responsibility through education by guiding potential technology users to understanding of the technology’s benefits
Beginning in 2015, Eneref can offer numerous and varied positions within each initiative, and interns who’s skills can overlap into other jobs will especially benefit.

Availabilities for spring 2017, summer 2017 and fall 2017:

Technology Research Intern — Perfect for engineering and architect students looking to learn how their skills will be applied to real-world best practices in net-zero waste, water and energy. Also ideal for science students looking to apply their knowledge of physics, biology or chemistry. Participate in research in preparation of interviews with industry experts and help analyze results. Interns will have an opportunity to assist with, and receive recognition for, a related Eneref Institute report. Learning outcomes include an in-depth understanding of applications in sustainable design and the decisions involved in environmental policy at private businesses and in public administrations.

Market Research Intern — Ideal for students looking for a greater knowledge of sustainable development and social responsibility. Interns may have an opportunity to conduct research interviews with industry experts for Eneref Institute reports by telephone, and write up a brief. Interns will interpret qualitative and quantitative data to formulate reports and recommendations, working closely with mentors. Interns will have an opportunity to assist with, and receive recognition for, a related Eneref Institute report. Learning outcomes include an in-depth understanding of business obstacles to sustainable design and the decisions involved in environmental policy for private and public organizations

Outreach Intern — An excellent opportunity for students of education, communications, or media, especially those with keen writing skills. This is a great opportunity for task-oriented individuals who seek an active role in educating the public and media on the value of sustainable development and social responsibility. Excellent writing skills are especially valuable as interns will have an opportunity to assist with press releases, blogs and social media posts. Intern will be actively involved in press monitoring, outreach, media strategy and event planning, thereby gaining hands-on experience in public and media relations. Learning outcomes include an opportunity to obtain applicable skills in social media, media relations, pitching stories to the media and enhanced communication skills.