You Have a Good Story to Tell.

Prove It

Be the catalyst for change that inspires a socially responsible economy.


Show It

Join impactful campaigns that influence others to act for the greater good.


Sell It

Leverage your organization’s potential to help others thrive responsibly.

We Promote the Good


We build confidence in your good solutions with our independent 3rd-party Eneref Reports that amplify your customer’s testimonials.


We capitalize on Eneref Reports to launch Eneref Campaigns that inspire the media, and your stakeholders, to endorse your solutions for the common good.


We leverage Eneref Campaigns to open new doors with impactful messaging that strongly resonates with your stakeholders.

Here’s How You Benefit

You Build Support

Invite your stakeholders to embrace your solutions with Eneref Campaigns that are purpose-designed to headline your solutions and encourage your stakeholder’s participation.


You Validate 

Validate your solutions with independent 3rd-party Eneref Reports that present the good impact of your solutions in Eneref Case Studies, Eneref Intelligence Reports and Eneref Pathway Reports.


You Build Trust

Encourage your corporate stakeholders to publish press releases promoting ‘your’ solutions in Eneref Campaigns and your individual customers to advocate for your solutions with powerful testimonials in Eneref Reports.


You Socialize

Re-purpose the Eneref-created social media content you need to inspire a groundswell of support for your solutions within your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, etc. accounts.


You Get Press

Employ Eneref Campaigns to mobilize the media into advocates for your solutions, creating stories of interest that draw local and international attention.


You Draw Crowds

Take advantage of Eneref Campaigns with Eneref-hosted Seminars and Events that boost awareness and credibility of your solutions that were highlighted in Eneref Reports.



Inspire compelling Eneref Testimonial Videos endorsing your solutions as part of an Eneref Campaign.


You Open Doors

Open the front door to the governing agencies and gain access to organizations that align with Eneref Campaigns with help from our advisors.


You Make Sales

Convert Eneref Campaign advocates into customers with true round-table discussions during business conferences—hosted by Eneref Institute, an established advocacy organization.

Why Settle For a Case Study
When You Can Fund an Eneref Report?


Q: What do we do?

We create game-changing campaigns that lead to the right conversations with key decision-makers to influence results and drive change.

Q: How do we do it?

We motivate stakeholders into action by aligning your solutions with the unique narrative of Eneref Institute’s initiatives and reports.

Q: Are we effective?

We uncover compelling testimonials from your customers that validate the benefits of your solutions, and report them as an independent 3rd-party.

Q: Can sponsors use Eneref reports?

Eneref Institute encourages sponsors to make full use of Eneref Report for either informational or promotional purposes.


Since 2001, Eneref Institute Has Worked With Organizations That Take Action to Grow Sustainably.

How to participate in an Eneref Campaign

Take the Next Step

Getting started can be challenging. The KickStart Program starts the ball rolling — even before all the pieces are in place — and delivers an actionable plan to publish an influential Eneref Report.

Pricing Packages

Eneref offers three levels of participation. Visit our pricing packages to learn more. (Password required. Contact us for a password.)