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We are a catalyst for change, inspiring solutions that promise a peaceful, earth-friendly economy, through socially responsible sustainable development.

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We develop impactful campaigns that influence others, with messaging designed to build advocacy for common sense solutions that achieve effective results.

Our Methodology

We leverage the powerful potential of a market-driven economy to foster corporate social responsibility and a more efficient use of natural resources.

We are PR for Planet Earth

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We launch campaigns that spur decision-makers into action. We encourage participation and sponsorship in Eneref Campaigns from like-minded organizations and individuals. And we welcome opportunities to launch entirely new campaigns that echo our mission.

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Eneref Distinction Honors Bold Investments in Energy Efficiency


The Eneref Distinction is designed to honor and celebrate companies that boldly invest in energy efficiency. This prestigious recognition is awarded to companies demonstrating both courage and creativity in their approach to reducing energy usage. It acknowledges those who dare to reimagine their business models and invest in advanced technologies, setting a new standard in operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.

The Eneref Distinction serves as a powerful incentive, encouraging businesses to prioritize sustainable practices. By showcasing successful examples of energy efficiency, the Eneref Distinction sets a benchmark, highlighting the critical role businesses play in combating climate change.

What We Amplify

Eneref Institute is grateful for the government, academic and industry leaders who participate in Eneref Impact Campaigns.

Eneref Impact Campaigns are designed to make headlines, create a common understanding of how to think about an issue and get people to take action. We look to cast issues in a different light. We encourage the understanding of measures required for conservation, as well as the propagation of important information through the media. Eneref uses campaigns to cooperate with governing agencies and organizations in developing educational and public awareness reports.

What They’re Saying
in Eneref Reports

Eneref Reports feature testimonials from government leaders, industry leaders, specifiers and end users about their experiences with socially responsible development.

Eneref Reports Build Confidence in Socially Responsible Solutions Through Independent Testimonials.


What We Actualize

Green sprout and soil isolated on white

Eneref Distinction

Eneref Institute’s award program honors companies that demonstrate a strong commitment to energy efficiency. This recognition serves as an incentive for businesses to invest in sustainable practices, highlighting their role in combating climate change. By showcasing the successes of these companies, the award not only celebrates their achievements but also sets a benchmark for others in the industry, encouraging a widespread adoption of energy-efficient technologies and practices. Learn More.

Critical Thinking

Eneref Institute’s initiative in critical thinking education equips individuals with the skills to deeply analyze and understand complex environmental challenges. By promoting critical thinking, we aim to foster a generation of informed, proactive citizens who can make sustainable choices and influence policy decisions. This educational approach not only empowers people with knowledge but also cultivates a sense of responsibility towards the planet, leading to more thoughtful and effective actions in pursuit of a sustainable future. Learn more.

Heat Pump Alliance

This alliance forms a collaborative network of heat pump manufacturers, focused on advancing sustainable energy solutions. By bringing together industry leaders, Eneref Institute fosters an environment of innovation and shared knowledge. This collaboration is crucial for the development and dissemination of efficient, renewable heating and cooling systems, playing a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable living on a global scale. Learn more.

Eco Advocate Alliance

This initiative targets public relations firms, encouraging them to steer their clients towards sustainable practices. By influencing these key communicators, Eneref Institute aims to amplify the message of environmental stewardship across corporate sectors. This strategic approach leverages the influential power of PR to instigate positive changes in corporate behavior, promoting a culture of sustainability that can ripple through industries and lead to significant environmental improvements.. Learn more.