Research & Advocacy Organization for Socially Responsible Sustainable Development.

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Our Philosophy

We are a catalyst for change, inspiring solutions that promise a peaceful, earth-friendly economy, through socially responsible sustainable development.

Our Mission

We develop impactful campaigns that influence others, with messaging designed to build advocacy for common sense solutions that achieve effective results.

Our Methodology

We leverage the powerful potential of a market-driven economy to foster corporate social responsibility and a more efficient use of natural resources.

We are PR for Planet Earth

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We launch campaigns that spur decision-makers into action. We encourage participation and sponsorship in Eneref Campaigns from like-minded organizations and individuals. And we welcome opportunities to launch entirely new campaigns that echo our mission.

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    Ask your organization to get involved in an Eneref Campaign. Or if you at the beginning of your career, join our internship program.

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    Learn from others. Sign up for one of Eneref Institute’s online Web Forums or in-person Seminars.

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    Leading others to a better future with sustainable impact requires that we first walk the path ourselves. Here’s how You can help lead

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    Distribute our Advocacy Reports to influence better outcomes and cause someone to act in favor of people and planet before profit.

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    Drive Change

    Understanding the Market Obstacles to a healthy planet gives you the power to help drive change.

What we campaign for

Eneref Institute is grateful for the government, academic and industry leaders who participate in Eneref Impact Campaigns.

Eneref Impact Campaigns are designed to make headlines, create a common understanding of how to think about an issue and get people to take action. We look to cast issues in a different light. We encourage the understanding of measures required for conservation, as well as the propagation of important information through the media. Eneref uses campaigns to cooperate with governing agencies and organizations in developing educational and public awareness reports.

What They’re Saying
in Eneref Reports

Eneref Reports feature testimonials from government leaders, industry leaders, specifiers and end users about their experiences with socially responsible development.

Eneref Reports Build Confidence in Socially Responsible Solutions Through Independent Testimonials.

What we advocate for
Green sprout and soil isolated on white

Energy Initiative

Energy supply is the largest contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, GHG can be reduced with energy efficiency improvements. Learn more. 

Land Initiative

The shift to urban societies is a global trend that increases greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable flooring systems can reduce our carbon footprint Learn more.

Building Initiative

Rapid economic development and urbanization is propelling large building activity. Buildings are critical to the global challenge of sustainable development. Learn more.

Industry Initiative

Industrial activities create all the products that satisfy human needs. An absolute reduction of industry emissions requires a broad set of mitigation options. Learn more.

Transport Initiative

Transport can be an agent of sustained urban development that prioritizes equity, accessibility, traffic safety, and time-savings for the poor while reducing emissions Learn more.

Water Initiative

Approximately over 2 billion people face water shortages in over 40 countries. Extensive global water withdrawal limits supplies for various human needs. Learn more.

Cities Initiative

The scale and speed of urbanization will require a massive build-up of infrastructure, a key driver of GHG emissions across multiple sectors. Learn more.

Food Initiative

Food production generates nearly a quarter of all GHG emissions. Meat and dairy consumption – foods with outsized climate impacts – is on the rise. Learn more.