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Criteria for Evaluation

Fine Filtration for HVAC Cooling Towers

Due to the wide variation of chemicals used in cooling towers, it is not possible to quantify the exact number of pollutants discharged globally into the environment. However, to protect the ecosystem, technologies that can effectively reduce chemical use should be implemented where practicable.

Key Facts

  • A better understanding of water filtration systems will help building operators reduce the quantity of toxic chemicals discharged into the environment, increase both energy and water efficiency, and limit the growth opportunity for pathogens.
  • While high-efficiency crossflow fine-filtration (CFF) is a uniquely effective solution for reducing fouling, only about 15% of all the US commercial buildings use CFF systems in their cooling towers.
  • By count, fine particles far outnumber larger particles in water cooling tower systems.
  • Frequent blowdown sends toxic chemicals into the environment, perpetuating the cycle.