We are a catalyst for change, inspiring solutions that promise a peaceful, earth-friendly economy, through socially responsible sustainable development. We develop impactful campaigns that influence others, with messaging designed to build advocacy for common sense solutions that achieve effective results.


Eneref Institute is a global research and advocacy organization with offices in the United States, Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe.We work closely with leaders to turn ideas into action to sustain our natural resources. Our work focuses on eight critical issues at the intersection of environment and development: energy, land, buildings, industry, transport, water, cities and food.

Seth Warren Rose

Founding Director

Washington DC | ext 221

Flavia-Dinnebier PhD

Research Director

São Paulo, Brazil | ext 236

Andrea Schlottman, MA

Editorial Director

Bucharest, Romania | ext 224

Jeff Ciocci

Design Director

Philadelphia, PA

Peter Hite, MA

Outreach Ambassador Energy Sector

Houston, TX | ext 225

Alexis Inigo-Peregrino

Communications Associate

Manilla, Philippines | ext 232

Sharyl Volpe, MS

Editorial Creative Director

Philadelphia, PA

Obaidullah Mohiuddin, PhD

Environmental Science Editor

London, England

George Brown, MBA

Director of Education

Baltimore, MD

Patricia Travers

Communications Director

London, England

Jim McGlynn, PhD

Impact Research Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Paul Kramer

Production Director

New York, NY

Scott Cunningham

Director of Sponsor Development

Atlanta, GA

Scott Griswold

Information Technology Director

Hartford, CT

Edin Thornton, MPA

Outreach Ambassador

New York, NY

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