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Key Testimonials

“Our employees are really positive about them and I’ve had a lot of customers comment, too. People appreciate that we’re trying to be green.”  — John Jameson, Retail In-Store Manager.

“That’s huge savings over the course of a year.” — Eddie Owens, Director of Communications and Public Relations.

Key Interviews

  • United Supermarkets
    • Rob Bichard, Dir. of Facilities Support & Development
    • Eddie Owens, Dir. of Communications & Public Relations
    • John Jameson, Retail In-Store Manager
  • Sunoptics
    • Eric Huffman, Sales Director


When it came time to build the largest supermarket in Lubbock, Texas, the management of United Grocery didn’t want their carbon footprint to reflect the size of their gigantic store. So they turned to the wide open West Texas sky to light up their space.