Eneref Cool Room Cool Earth Campaign Trailer

More Efficient Air Conditioners Can Help Reduce Global Warming. Air conditioners are the fastest-growing energy demand in homes and buildings, adding millions of tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait to make changes.

Eneref “Net Zero Ready” Campaign Trailer

The Net Zero Ready campaign advocates the maximization of communities’ energy efficiency through the implementation of technology.

Teachers Preferred Natural Daylight Inside PA Elementary School Video

Wilson Elementary is a public school in the West Allegheny School District near Pittsburgh, PA. When engineering firm Thomas & Williamson distributed a survey to school staff, they came back with notable findings.

Architects Choose Modular Glass Skylights for Cornell University Video

As one of the most iconic college structures in the United States, the 19th-century Sibley Hall dome has been a visual reference point on the Cornell University campus for 122 years.

Innovative Commercial Skylights Installed by Global 500 Realtor

As the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, CBRE plays an important leadership role in determining industry best practices within the 5 billion square feet of building facility space they manage.

Polished Concrete Floor at Melitta Coffee Company

“Our polished concrete floor helps us in more scenarios than we probably realize with additional business. It presents this plant well. We’ve had wonderful, wonderful feedback,” — Vinny Tagliaferro, Manager of Melitta’s Cherry Hill plant.

Municipality Brings Natural Light Into New Ashburn Va Firehouse Video

"During daylight hours, the electric lights can be turned off in most areas. Even at night, you can see the moonlight coming through them… like the lights are on,” explained Mike Bromley, the contractor of Chamberlain Construction Corporation.

Roofing Project Drives Natural Daylight Into Volvo Truck Plant Video

“As the sun comes up and hits the skylights, the LED lights begin to shut off —they’re no longer needed,” said Mike Kijak, Facilities and Energy Manager of Volvo Trucks North America. “You conserve more energy as the sun comes more directly overhead.”

Roofing Repair Program Brings Natural Light Into Massachusetts School Video

“If you were in the school interior, you couldn’t even see that the skylights were up there," said Phillip Williams, Energy Manager, Town of Ashland. "I’m always in favor of using natural light when you can.”

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