June 19, 2023

Eneref Report on Saudi National Bank’s Mangrove Tree

Media Contact: Patricia Travers

Eneref Institute Releases Groundbreaking Report on Saudi National Bank’s Mangrove Tree Planting Success

WASHINGTON DC, AUGUST 02, 2023 –Eneref Institute (eneref.org), a global research and advocacy organization for responsible development, has published a comprehensive report titled “Planting Mangrove Trees Leads The Green Successes For Saudi National Bank.” The report delves into the remarkable achievements of the Saudi National Bank in blue carbon sequestration through mangrove tree planting initiatives. As of June 2023 The Saudi National Bank had a market cap of $59.01 Billion, making it one of the world’s most valuable companies. Eneref Institute conducted interviews with subject matter experts in mangrove forests, as well as senior officials from the Saudi National Bank, to provide an in-depth analysis of their sustainable practices. 

To access the full Eneref Report, “Planting Mangrove Trees Leads The Green Successes For Saudi National Bank,” please visit eneref.org/mangrove

Founded in 2001, Eneref Institute has been at the forefront of promoting socially responsible actions and recognizing the accomplishments of its sponsors. The organization produces independent, third-party Eneref Reports that inspire the media, sponsors, and stakeholders to endorse solutions for the common good. With a global reach, Eneref Institute launches campaigns to encourage individuals to embrace solutions that effectively address societal challenges.

The report highlights the Saudi National Bank’s strong commitment in 2022 to leverage its position as a regional financial powerhouse in support of the Kingdom’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2060. The interviews shed light on the significant progress made by the bank in carbon sequestration, highlighting the environmental benefits of mangrove tree planting. The bank’s dedication to environmental sustainability is showcased through its successful mangrove tree planting initiatives, contributing to blue carbon sequestration efforts.

About Eneref Institute
Eneref Institute is a Washington DC-based research and advocacy organization for social responsibility, established in 2001. The institute encourages, promotes, and amplifies the socially responsible achievements through independent, third-party Eneref Reports. Eneref Institute’s campaigns inspire individuals to validate solutions that address societal problems. Supported by government entities and corporate sponsors worldwide, Eneref Institute has published reports across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.Visit www.eneref.org.


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