November 20, 2023

Eneref Distinction Honors Bold Investments in Energy Efficiency

Media Contact: Patricia Travers

Eneref Institute Announces Call for 2023 “Eneref Distinction” Nominations, Showcasing Effective Team Solutions in Energy Efficiency

WASHINGTON DC, April 10, 2024 — Eneref Institute is excited to announce the opening of nominations for the 2023 ‘Eneref Distinction.’ This initiative aims to catalog and celebrate successful energy efficiency solutions implemented by teams across various industries, rather than simply awarding the best of the best.

The Eneref Distinction is dedicated to recognizing groups that have effectively tackled the significant challenges associated with reducing energy consumption. Eligible teams can range from small groups of at least two people to larger collaborative units, encompassing roles from sales and marketing to customer engagement, all of whom have contributed to the successful adoption of sustainable systems.

“True innovation in energy efficiency isn’t just about superior technology; it’s about the courage to implement change, the vision for sustainable practices, and the collaboration needed to overcome market obstacles,” said Seth Warren Rose, Director of Eneref Institute. “The Eneref Distinction acknowledges these collective efforts, highlighting how teamwork leads to substantial advancements in energy conservation.”

This recognition highlights the importance of teamwork in achieving effective solutions and emphasizes that success in this field requires overcoming numerous industry challenges. By acknowledging the diverse efforts of whole teams, the Eneref Distinction encourages more organizations to work together towards sustainable goals.

The categories for this year’s distinction include Lighting, HVAC, Windows, Insulation, Maintenance, Appliances, Optimized Computers, Transportation, Employee Actions, and Energy Management. Each category is chosen to reflect the areas where collaborative innovation can lead to noteworthy reductions in energy use and significant savings.

“Recognized teams are celebrated not only as leaders in their fields but also as pioneers in creating a more sustainable world,” added Seth Warren Rose. “Their proven solutions and the stories behind their successes serve as powerful motivations for the industry, demonstrating that ecological responsibility can align seamlessly with successful business operations.”

For details on how to apply or nominate a team, and to learn more about the successful implementations cataloged by Eneref, please visit

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