November 20, 2023

Eneref Distinction Honors Bold Investments in Energy Efficiency

Media Contact: Patricia Travers

Eneref Institute Launches the “Eneref Distinction” to Honor Bold Investments in Energy Efficiency

WASHINGTON DC, November 20, 2023 — As part of its ongoing mission to pivot the climate change dialogue from increasing energy production to reducing energy consumption, Eneref Institute is proud to announce the 2023 ‘Eneref Distinction.’ This prestigious award program is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating companies that exhibit exceptional commitment and foresight in their energy efficiency investments.

The Eneref Distinction is not just an award; it is a statement. It honors businesses that exhibit the courage and creativity necessary to implement sustainable practices in their operations. These companies are the vanguards, leading the way in reducing energy consumption through innovative strategies and advanced technologies.

“Energy efficiency is a key player in the fight against climate change, and it requires bold action,” said Seth Warren Rose, Director, at Eneref Institute. “The Eneref Distinction aims to highlight and honor those businesses that are brave enough to invest in the future, setting an example for the entire industry.”

By showcasing the success stories of these companies, the Eneref Distinction serves as a catalyst for wider adoption of energy-efficient practices across industries. It sets a benchmark for corporate responsibility and sustainability, encouraging others to follow suit.

The award recognizes that investing in energy efficiency goes beyond immediate economic benefits. It reflects a company’s long-term vision for a sustainable and profitable future, reducing operational costs and contributing significantly to environmental conservation. This year’s categories include Lighting, HVAC, Windows, Insulation, Maintenance, Appliances, Optimized Computers, Transportation, Employee Actions, and Energy Management.

“The recipients of the Eneref Distinction are not just leaders in their respective fields; they are pioneers in building a more sustainable world,” added Seth Warren Rose. “Their commitment to energy efficiency is an inspiration, proving that responsible business practices and ecological mindfulness can go hand in hand.”

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