"I think we just got spoiled because we just really like all that light." -- Scott Sakuta, VP Sales Delta Gear.

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Tubular Natural Daylight System for an Industrial Facility

“I think we just got spoiled because we just really like all that light.” — Scott Sakuta, VP Sales Delta Gear.

General information about the case study. Learn how people came to the decision to implement this solution. This webinar will present the obstacles to making the decision and what problems they were looking to solve. During this webinar, you’ll have an opportunity to hear from the people directly involved in the process.

Specific details on how the solution was accomplished. From the perspective of experts involved in this case study, this webinar will take you through the process of how the solution was implemented. Learn what reservations people had prior to implementing the solution and how those concerns were overcome.

First hand account of the success of the solution. This webinar will offer testimony from those who benefited directly, describing the success of this project. You will hear how expectations were met and to what degree. For a detailed account of this case study, download the Eneref Institute PDF report link on this page.

Date & Time

Date to be announced soon
Scheduled for 2016

Log-in Details
Log-in details will be made available once the Eneref Seminar has been scheduled.
David Schwing (unconfirmed)

Architect with BAR Architects, San Francisco (unconfirmed)

To be decided

QuestMark Flooring

Gary Staso (unconfirmed)

Director of Store Design, American Eagle Outfitters (unconfirmed)


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