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Key Testimonials

“The skylights create such an appealing environment that we know they’ll have a positive long- term impact on our associates and overall mission.” — Ed Mack, Goodwill.

“We’ve reduced the number of lights and the number of hours the lights are being used.” — Bruce Perretz, Architect.

“We designed LightFlex CCT to better align daylighting with lighting design best practices.” — Pete Shannin, Acuity Brands.

Key Interviews

  • Goodwill Virginia
    • Ed Mack, Senior Manager of Real Estate & Construction
  • Acuity Brands
    • Pete Shannin,  Vice President, Daylighting Product Solutions
  • Perretz & Young
    • Bruce Perretz,  Architect and President


By converting an abandoned Target into a Goodwill retail store with a focus on sustainability, Goodwill added another means of reaching their ultimate goal: lifting up people and strengthening communities by repurposing that which society too quickly abandons. Most notable for its design and sustainability is a new skylight technology in the back-office conference room of the Hampton Roads store.