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Key Testimonials

“We were able to optimize and maximize our natural light and reduce energy costs, which made the sun tubes an incredibly beneficial aspect of our remodeled facilities”  — Bob Sakuta, President and Owner of Delta Gear

“You wouldn’t believe it, how much daylight it makes inside the building. I mean it’s phenomenal.” — Keith Bonn, Delta Gear’s  Facilities Coordinator

Key Interviews

  • Delta Gear
    • Bob Sakuta, President and Owner
    • Keith Bonn, Facilities Coordinator
  • Joe Hammond, General Contractor
  • Lonny S. Zimmerman, Architect


Delta built their reputation on the manufacturing of precision equipment for harsh environments such as space, and down hole drilling, even building gear parts for the Mars Rover. That high level of machinery precision—critical to the manufacturing operations of aviation couplings, gear boxes and transmission gears—requires both high quality and high levels of light.