March 15, 2021

Text of Afghan Senate Letter to Eneref Lead The Leap — March 15, 2021

March 15, 2021

Abdullah Khodadad
Campaign Director
Eneref Institute Lead The Leap
6218 Georgia Ave NW, Suite 421
Washington, DC 20011 

Dear Mr. Khodadad: 

For half a century, the People of Afghanistan have fought against the oppression of Soviet Communism and the malevolence of international terrorism. Free people the world over have benefited from Afghanistan’s unceasing resolve. Yet today, the entire world is facing a more perilous menace: the consequences of global warming.  

The Upper House of Afghanistan (Meshrano Jirga) recognizes that human activity is the dominant cause of climate change, triggering rising sea levels, increased wildfires, more severe storms, and dangerous droughts. Because of Afghanistan’s unique geography, geopolitical influence, and sought-after raw commodities, once again the time has come for the People of Afghanistan to lead the world out of danger.  

Compared to industrialized nations, Afghanistan has historically been responsible for only a tiny fraction of the dangerous greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming. However, recognizing that it is the duty of the Government of Afghanistan to foster a green economy and to set an example for nations around the world, the Upper House of Afghanistan (Meshrano Jirga) places its full weight and support behind the stated goals of the Eneref Institute Lead The Leap campaign. Specifically, the Upper House of Afghanistan pledges to author legislation that will grow a carbon-neutral economy with an aim toward achieving the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world.  

While we understand that the Lead The Leap goals call upon us to sharpen our tools of economic statecraft, we believe that leading the world in a carbon-neutral economy offers the People of Afghanistan both a strategic and competitive advantage. Therefore, these vital and pivotal goals are both a challenge and an opportunity for our country and our government. With this in mind, we commit to working with Eneref Institute to develop legislation that can achieve the goals set forth in the Lead The Leap campaign.  

Deputy Speaker, Senator Alam Ezedyar
Chief of Public Welfare Commission, Senator Nader Baloch

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