September 15, 2015

Dynamic Glass the Focus of New Eneref Report

As part of our research, we’ve heard concerns about specifying dynamic glass technology. 

[NEWS] The goal of our natural interior daylight report is to help overcome market obstacles to specifying new daylighting technologies.

We’re focusing our 2015 daylighting report on technologies missing from our 2014 report, published in LD+A magazine. From interviews of leading architects and lighting designers we’ve learned of several concerns that stand in the way to the growth of dynamic glass technology. We’d like to change that.

Beginning in March, 2015, Eneref Institute will conduct a series of interviews of technology leaders, lighting designers, government officials, architects and major real estate holders. If you would like to be included in our interview process, please feel free to contact Eneref Institute. While we are looking for stories of success and failure, ultimately our goal remains the same: to increase the use of natural interior daylight.

This report is part of Eneref Institute’s Natural Interior Daylight initiative. Dynamic glass is a technology that automatically tints windows in response to the sun. Various solution technologies are currently available.