September 6, 2016

Eneref and CUBO to Deliver Potable Water to Kenyan Village

Eneref Institute Receives $100,000 Water Purification System as Donation from CUBO Environmental Technologies to Deliver Potable Water System to Rural Kenyan Village

Philadelphia – September 10, 2016 – Eneref Institute, a leading advocacy organization for sustainable development, announces their collaboration with CUBO – Environmental Technologies, S.A. to deliver CUBO’s compact modular water treatment system to a Kenyan village as part of Eneref Institute’s Water and Women initiative.

The primary focus of the Water and Women initiative is to publish a series of reports spotlighting technologies that can successfully address the water urgency faced by over 1 billion women and girls globally.

“Women and girls in certain parts of the world can often find accessing clean, potable water more difficult than men and boys. Unfortunately, this issue is more pronounced in communities where the demand for water is higher than the availability, also known as ‘water-stress’,” explains Kevin Blanchard, a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) & Climate Change Specialist who leads the Water and Women initiative for Eneref Institute.

CUBO’s Chief Technology Officer, Rui Brás Gomes, was inspired to donate their modular water treatment system after viewing the trailer for the upcoming Eneref Institute film highlighting the Murang’a village in Kenya. The film trailer — which is for a short documentary featuring the girls of the Kenyan village — was presented during the 2016 WaterVent in Philadelphia.

“Eneref Institute is an ideal partner for CUBO,” explained Rui Brás Gomes. “CUBO’s technology improves quality of life for people far from urban centers, so they can have access to clean water.”

View the Water and Women trailer here

WaterVent is an international conference event that matches water investors with industry experts and water technology entrepreneurs.

“We’re delighted that WaterVent in Philadelphia was the venue for the partnership of Eneref Institute and CUBO,” explained Karen Meidlinger, Managing Principal of the private equity firm Meidlinger Partners and advisor to Eneref Institute. “WaterVent is the perfect venue to match water technology companies with organizations like Eneref Institute.”


CUBO Environmental Technologies donates $100k water system for Kenyan village to help launch #Eneref Institute #WaterandWomen initiative.

According to Seth Warren Rose, founding director of Eneref Institute, “CUBO offers a unique opportunity to launch our Water and Women initiative.” As Rose explained, “CUBO allows Eneref to offer rural areas a compact technology that provides the same water treatment as that of a large traditional installation.”

CUBO – Environmental Technologies, S.A. develops compact modular water treatment systems ideally suited for the rural areas that Eneref’s Water and Women initiative serves. CUBO’s compact modular system removes suspended matter and disinfects water. The water treatment system is simple to set up in remote areas, and features a modular containerized structure, plug and play connections and step-by-step process assembly.

Once installed, Eneref will examine and publish the results of the installation. Eneref’s independent third-party reports are designed to build confidence in best-in-class sustainable solutions and are already the industry standard for case study white papers targeting specifiers and end-users for sustainable technologies. Eneref reports draw on the expertise of industry advisors as well as testimonial interviews with end-users to provide a uniquely authentic, real-world perspective of earth-friendly solutions.

About Eneref Institute:

Eneref Institute ( is a research and advocacy organization focused on environmental and social responsibility opportunities. The mission of Eneref Institute is to launch initiatives that raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that promote efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy. Eneref Institute leads industry-specific initiatives and works closely with government agencies, including the US Department of Defense, Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

About CUBO – Environmental Technologies, S.A.

CUBO – Environmental Technologies, S.A. produces and markets technologies that allow rational use of natural resources, preserving the environment and improving quality of life. CUBO produces technology for the efficient utilization of water: compact and modular units of water consumption treatment and wastewater (ETAs and compact WWTP).

CUBO is supported by PORTUGAL VENTURES, an indispensable partner in the development of this project.

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