Celebrating Team Innovation and Courage in Energy Efficiency

Eneref Distinction celebrates a team’s triumph over obstacles, honoring teams that transform challenges into energy efficiency.

The Eneref Distinction is designed to amplify successful, sustainable ideas that have overcome significant challenges. It focuses on creating a catalog of viable solutions, emphasizing the teams behind these initiatives who have navigated financial risks and resistance to change. This approach recognizes the complexities involved in implementing innovative practices that contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Receiving the Eneref Distinction offers multiple advantages, providing significant international exposure and recognition. Teams that receive this distinction are showcased as leaders in sustainable practices with their projects featured prominently on the Eneref Institute’s website. This inclusion not only highlights key project details and team achievements but also serves as an effective promotional tool for those teams looking to underscore their success in the industry.

Distinction Overview

Purpose of the Distinction

The Eneref Distinction celebrates collaborative efforts that bring innovative energy efficiency solutions to fruition, transcending traditional boundaries and categories. This distinction underscores the essential role of teamwork and creative problem-solving in overcoming the myriad challenges associated with implementing effective energy practices. By acknowledging these collaborative successes, the Eneref Distinction aims to foster an industry-wide embrace of reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency.

At Eneref Institute, we recognize that the fear of failure and potential financial risks can deter the adoption of even the most promising energy efficiency technologies. By documenting and celebrating cases where teams have successfully navigated these obstacles, the Eneref Distinction seeks to bolster confidence in similar initiatives. This initiative is a cornerstone of Eneref’s mission to promote energy-efficient solutions through comprehensive reports and analyses that not only demonstrate effective practices but also highlight the tangible benefits and the collective resolve required to achieve them. Through this approach, we aim to illuminate the vast possibilities and honor the collective ingenuity and determination that drive these accomplishments.

Criteria for Nomination

Nominees for the Eneref Distinction are evaluated based on their teamwork, showcasing how diverse roles—from developers to marketers, and end-users—collaborate to implement energy-efficient solutions. We welcome teams from any sector, highlighting that the distinction celebrates innovative efforts at all stages, from concept through to execution. The key criteria include the team’s innovative spirit, their resilience in overcoming both market and operational challenges, and their commitment to sustainable practices. This openness extends to all forms of energy-saving innovations, reflecting our belief in the power of collaborative success in energy conservation. We encourage nominations from anyone championing groundbreaking and effective solutions in energy efficiency.

Participation Details

How to Apply or Nominate

To apply or nominate a team for the Eneref Distinction, simply visit and fill out the application form. Our application process is straightforward: no supporting documentation is needed—just provide details about the project’s outcomes and any relevant metrics that demonstrate its success. Include contact information for yourself and at least two team members. We welcome teams from any sector, and nominations can be submitted by anyone, whether they are part of the team or not.

The application process for 2023 is currently open and will close on December 31, 2024. We encourage you to apply early as early applications not only increase your visibility as we promote current applicants on social media throughout the year, but also because we honor multiple teams annually across various innovative energy efficiency areas. Each nomination helps expand our understanding of what is possible in energy conservation. Apply today and become part of a community of innovators dedicated to pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency!

Judging Process

The judging process for the Eneref Distinction is conducted by a panel of industry experts and leaders in sustainable practices. This panel is committed to recognizing innovative and effective energy efficiency solutions across any domain, without the constraints of predefined categories. Nominations are evaluated based on the innovation presented, the effectiveness of team collaboration, and the tangible results achieved. Our judges seek creativity and persistence in how teams overcome challenges to implement their projects successfully. Since the Eneref Distinction is not limited to specific categories, we welcome all forms of energy-saving innovations. We encourage you to apply, as each team that demonstrates impactful and collaborative work is celebrated for their unique contributions to energy efficiency.

Unlimited Potential for Energy Saving Solutions

The Eneref Distinction is designed not just to recognize but to celebrate a wide array of innovative solutions that effectively reduce energy consumption or enhance energy efficiency. While we provide categories such as Employee Actions, Energy Management, Optimized Computers, and others as frameworks, these are merely starting points. Eneref Institute enthusiastically welcomes and invites any ingenious innovation that decreases energy load or boosts efficiency—no matter how unconventional or bold the idea may seem.

This openness is what sets the Eneref Distinction apart from traditional awards. It is less about competing for “the best” and more about providing a platform where clever, creative solutions can enter the mainstream and inspire widespread adoption. Each recognized initiative, regardless of its category or perceived novelty, shares a common goal: reducing energy consumption in meaningful ways. If your project or initiative has made strides in energy efficiency, we encourage you to share your achievements with us. Let’s celebrate innovation that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in energy conservation.

Suggested Categories

The Eneref Distinction welcomes nominations for innovative energy efficiency solutions across various suggested areas, emphasizing that these categories are merely starting points. Examples include Employee Actions, engaging employees in energy conservation efforts; Energy Management, with systems that analyze and optimize energy usage; and Optimized Computers, where IT innovations enhance efficiency. In the realm of Transportation, we look for sustainable practices that reduce energy use. Maintenance involves protocols that ensure energy systems operate at peak efficiency, and Appliances feature the latest technologies to save energy. Innovations in Windows and Insulation aim to improve thermal performance and minimize energy loss, respectively. Additionally, advancements in HVAC systems improve air quality and cut energy usage, while Lighting projects reduce electricity consumption and enhance light quality. We invite nominations for any project that creatively improves energy efficiency, regardless of the category, and encourage the submission of unconventional and innovative ideas.


Q: Can we nominate ourselves?
A: Yes

Q: Who is eligible to apply for the Eneref Distinction?
A: Teams from any sector implementing energy-efficient practices are eligible. This includes collaborations between companies, departments, or even partnerships with customers.

Q: What are the key dates for the application process?
A: The application process for the 2023 Eneref Distinction is currently open. To be considered for this year’s distinction, please submit your nominations by December 31, 2024. We encourage you to apply early, as the number of distinctions awarded each year is limited, and positions fill quickly.

Q: How many teams can receive the Eneref Distinction each year?
A: There is no single “best” recipient of the Eneref Distinction; instead, we honor multiple teams annually. Each awarded team has demonstrated excellence in overcoming obstacles to achieve significant advancements in energy efficiency. We seek to celebrate all exceptional examples of collaborative effort and success in this field..

Q: Is this an international distinction?
A: Yes, the Eneref Distinction is open to teams globally, as long as their projects demonstrate significant impact on energy efficiency.

Q: What should be included in the nomination packet?
A: Include a description of the project, the team’s role, documented results, and any other evidence supporting the nomination. The application form is below.

Q: How can winter demonstrate our achievement?
Winners are entitled to to use the Eneref Distinction logo on their websites and other marketing materials.

Q: How are winners notified?
A: Winners will be contacted directly through the contact information provided in their application. Public announcements will follow via our website and press releases.

Past Recipients

The Eneref Distinction has been awarded to a diverse array of teams whose projects have set benchmarks in energy efficiency. Past recipients include groups that have pioneered changes in lighting, HVAC systems, and comprehensive energy management approaches that have significantly reduced energy use and operational costs. These stories serve as a beacon of possibility and success for others in the industry.

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