April 10, 2015

Eneref Endorses Solar Leader for Office

The solar industry has a unique opportunity to assist a solar champion. 

[OPINION] In early 2012, Eneref Institute successfully led an industry team to expand and clarify the Defense Department’s solar thermal and solar PV specifications.

The goal was to assure best practices to expedite the adoption of solar technology within the DOD.

While everyone on our team volunteered his time to make the DOD program a success, no one was more instrumental or influential in moving the process along than our direct contact within the Pentagon, Dave Belote, Col, USAF (Ret).

Dave worked at the highest levels of the Pentagon and undoubtedly had plenty of priorities to battle daily. Yet, it was Dave’s willingness—and his encouragement—that brought Eneref Institute’s team through the front doors of the Pentagon to improve the military’s solar thermal and solar PV specifications.

Dave created an internal group of engineers within the Pentagon, representing each of the armed services, and chaperoned our team to success.

Throughout the US today, solar contractors and manufacturers have benefited from Dave’s accomplishments. In fact, the lead engineer at the Pentagon said Eneref’s efforts significantly increased DOD’s confidence in specifying solar technology.

Now, Dave needs our help.

Dave is running for office in his hometown in Virginia. While Eneref Institute has always shied away from politics, I believe Dave Belote deserves our urgent support. Imagine having someone on our side who, while battling our country’s adversaries, also fought for our environment. Now let’s help him continue that fight.

We encourage you to offer your support here.

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