June 1, 2020

Eneref Institute examines the benefits of ventilating air conditioners in a dormitory.

“In terms of avoiding the transfer between spaces, you can’t do better than PTAC. It’s just a zone unit.” 

Room Air Conditioner Improves Ventilation In Emory University Dorm

Emory University is the first campus in the United States to install a new energy-saving air conditioning technology in a dormitory. The energy-efficient inverter-driven PTAC is unique in the way in which it circulates fresh air into each dorm room. Proper ventilation is critical to comfort and humidity control, as well as reducing risks from toxins and microorganisms. 

Emory University strives to serve as a model for healthy living and sustainability by reducing the university’s impact on the local environment, according to Elaine Justice, Director of Media Relations.  

As Peter Morley added, “We normally go for a minimum of LEED Silver buildings.” Morley is the Program Manager of Campus Services Planning Design and Construction.

Three univertiy students in front of dormitory entrance, moving boxes into a college dorm room or apartment. Moving house is a teenager fall campus activity of action, happiness, and excitement of new roommates and homes. Friends, siblings, young men and women help each other relocate, working together to carry luggage.

Variable-speed inverters work at a lower capacity, consuming less power and offering quieter operation and significant energy savings.

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