December 24, 2022

Eneref Report: UAE Leadership Role in Net Zero Growth — 12-24-22

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Eneref Report: UAE Laying the Groundwork for Leadership Role in Global Net Zero Growth Strategy

WASHINGTON DC, DECEMBER 24, 2022 –Eneref Institute (, a Washington DC-based organization, will spotlight the environmental and sustainable initiatives driving UAE growth as part of its Lead The Leap Campaign. In preparation for COP28, Eneref will focus on UAE’s rapidly growing green economy and how government ministries are implementing sustainable growth. An Eneref Report highlighting UAE success stories will be brought back and presented in Washington DC to demonstrate how UAE and other GCC countries are taking the lead in many areas of sustainability. Eneref Institute, founded in 2001, is a research and advocacy organization for sustainable development. 

As part of Eneref’s Lead The Leap Campaign, the Eneref Report will examine initiatives taken within ministries responsible for climate change, infrastructure, economy, tourism, health, and education. For example, the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is leading a strategy to grow UAE clean energy use to 50% of the total demand by 2050. The Ministry of Economy is providing the direction for a sustainable circular economy with optimal resource use—from exporting out products to inviting in tourists. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is spearheading strategies in sustainable transport, industry, and construction, as well as ensuring sustainable access to water. The Ministry of Health and Prevention is implementing strategies to encourage food choices that positively impact the planet. And Masdar, the UAE government-owned renewable energy company, is positioning itself as a global leader in clean energy and green hydrogen. 

Eneref Institute’s Lead The Leap Campaign trumpets forward-thinking leaders who are reinventing the future and leading our leap into a greener, earth-friendly economy. Additional Eneref Reports will elevate sustainable success stories within the GCC region. Corporate business leaders who are laying the groundwork for a growth strategy that includes environmental and sustainable business practices, and would like their organization to be highlighted in an Eneref Report, should contact Eneref Institute. Impact investors are invited to download Eneref Reports.

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