September 1, 2014

Eneref’s “The Seven Market Obstacles to Daylighting” Report

[NEWS] New Daylighting Report on Daylighting 

As part of Eneref Institute’s Daylighting Advantage 2014 Initiative we have published our report, “The Seven Market Obstacles to Daylighting.”

Interviews and research by Eneref Institute illustrate how the recent advances in controls, materials and metrics, combined with the indisputable benefits of natural daylight, should enable significant growth of the technology as the industry responds successfully to longtime obstacles.

The Seven Market Obstacles to Daylighting

Daylighting Initiative 2014: Obstacles Report

Few technologies offer the level of both human and environmental benefits as daylighting does, yet its market share remains only a sliver of what it could be.

Eneref Institute has launched Daylighting Advantage 2014 Initiative because beginning in 2014, new markets will offer new opportunities daylighting. Traditionally, the marketing of daylighting involves educating architects and facility owners. A growing yet untapped market is the increasing number of municipalities and organizations who have brought on sustainability officers. They naturally view improved lighting design as an investment both in occupants’ health as well as in energy savings.

“The Seven Market Obstacles to Daylighting” is also excerpted in the February 2014 issue of journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society of America, LD+A magazine. The full Eneref Institute report is available here for download.

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Excerpt published in February 2014 LD+A Magazine.