CONSTELLATION: Corporate Responsibility in Lighting

General Details


Eneref Lighting Constellation Stakeholder Roundtable

Eneref Lighting Constellation Stakeholder Roundtable Group brings together executives and industry experts for Stakeholder Meetings, creating an interconnected network to advance innovation and promote best practices.
Our Goals

Our goal of this Constellation is to hold Eneref Stakeholder Roundtables to help overcome the market obstacles to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility within the lighting manufacturing industry.

Our Mission

Stakeholder Roundtables help manufacturing companies conduct their business in a way that is socially and environmentally impactful. The stakeholders include architects and lighting designers, who demand manufacturers to be more open in their business practice. That said, the stakeholders envision our Constellation as an important step to increase competitive advantage, protect and raise brand awareness and build trust with customers and employees.

Our Concerns

Key areas of concern are environmental protection and the wellbeing of employees, the community and civil society in general, both now and in the future. Lighting manufacturers can no longer act as isolated economic entities operating in detachment from broader society. Traditional views about competitiveness, survival, and profitability are being swept away.

Our Policies

As stakeholders, we are asking manufacturers to take steps to ensure they conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner, including codes of conduct for their suppliers, to ensure that other companies’ policies or practices do not tarnish their reputation.

  • Be part of a group that drives change.
  • Learn from other experts.
  • Network with other leaders in your industry.

Register now to request to join this Constellation Stakeholder Roundtable group. Participating in Eneref’s Corporate Responsibility in Lighting Constellation will lead others by setting examples in sustainable development. As an executive and industry expert, your participation in Eneref’s Constellation Roundtable Group creates a unique opportunity for other executives across the country to learn from you.

  • Meet by phone or web conference.
  • Roundtable discussions under 40 minutes.
  • Roundtables meet a few times per year.

We encourage participation in our Constellations Stakeholder Roundtable from like-minded organizations and individuals. Constellations create an environment for collaboration, and cooperation, encourage interaction between stakeholders and advise the business community in the development of best practices.


Constellation Stakeholders

Corporate Responsibility in Lighting is an Eneref Constellation designed to foster partnerships between lighting stakeholders and lighting executives. Success is created by maximizing joint outcomes.

To build cooperation and encourage collaboration, Eneref Institute reaches out to architects, lighting designers, and business executives. We invite specifiers to work one-on-one with executives in the lighting industry.

The list of stakeholders in the Constellation will grow to include government, institutions, end users and businesses, all focused on innovative technologies for sustainable development and social responsibility.

Eneref is inviting architects, lighting designers and business executives who are most valued for their expertise. The end result is to convene a large group of interested stakeholders and securing an understanding of Eneref’s commitment to promote sustainable development within the lighting industry.

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Constellation Partnerships

Corporate Responsibility in Lighting Constellation group is designed to foster partnerships. Eneref Stakeholder Roundtable Constellations leads to partnerships between end-users, businesses and researchers, facilitating the transfer of new technologies to the market.

Constellations streamline the adoption of new ideas and new technologies by providing the business community with easier access to test beds and partners for end-user pilot studies and encourage communication between companies and end-users.

Eneref Institute serves as an advocate for each Constellation, stimulating interaction within the network, building social capital, and providing direction.

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Constellation Objectives

The objective of Eneref’s Corporate Responsibility in Lighting Constellation is to leverage expertise so that stakeholders can easily share solutions and accelerate the development of new ideas.

Eneref’s Corporate Responsibility in Lighting Constellation is a network of experts designed to solve challenges by spurring technology innovations in sustainable lighting solutions and bringing cost-effective solutions to market.

To meet our objective, Eneref will arrange Stakeholder Roundtables between architects, lighting designers and lighting executives to share best practices in lighting and establish cooperation.

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