"The Cloud Commuter is highly skilled, eco-friendly, doesn't take up valuable office space and won't be asking for health benefits.

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Working close to home makes people happier and healthier.

A CloudCommuter works near (or in) their home via the internet to reduce their commute and their carbon footprint. Today many of us no longer need to commute into the office every day in order to effectively do our jobs. Fewer commutes will help mitigate climate change. And since today’s technologies allow for meetings with anyone anywhere, its time we ask ourselves why so many people suffer the drudgery of commuting to work unnecessarily.

The CloudCommuter Initiative encourages fewer daily commutes worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions. More CloudCommuter workers offer us a low cost opportunity to reduce our energy needs and carbon emissions while unburdening our tired and congested infrastructure. Several recent reports state that the nature, pace and consequences of climate change require urgent action.

The CloudCommuter initiative is for anyone who wants to reduce the number of times they commute or reduce their commuting distance. If we assigned a lost productivity value of, say, $20.00 per hour for everyone who commutes, America squanders four hundred billion dollars per year to arrive and leave work. And today, with longer work hours and two-parent (or single parent) workers, commutes are especially costly on families as well as on communities.


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Seth Warren Rose, Founding Director, Eneref Institute


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