September 15, 2015

First Eneref Sustainable Flooring Report

As part of our Sustainable Flooring initiative Eneref Institute just published the first in a series of advocacy reports examining the benefits of polished concrete flooring.

[NEWS] The Eneref advocacy report details the decision process for specifying polished concrete flooring in the American Eagle Outfitters’ New York City flagship stores. The report also highlights the project’s installation techniques that maximized results.

Polished concrete, a multi-step fine grinding process that offers LEED credits for its environmentally favorable footprint, was introduced to American Eagle Outfitters by BAR Architects of San Francisco. In the report, David Schwing, an Architect with BAR, explains that polished concrete is a practical material that develops a nice patina over time and conceals the kind of wear and tear that can occur in high-traffic environments.

The New York City flagship stores were the proving grounds for DiamondQuest polished concrete in other American Eagle Outfitters locations. According to Eneref’s report, while initially the aesthetic, and eventually the lower cost, were the driving forces for specifying polished concrete, the retailer also wants to be a positive partner for the environment.

The Eneref advocacy report, “Polished Concrete Floor Reveals Natural Beauty at American Eagle Outfitters” is part of Eneref Institute’s Sustainable Flooring initiative launching in 2015.

Download report:

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