November 29, 2022

Furniture World Website — USA

Influential Website on Furniture and Design Highlighted Eneref Report on Daylighting at Retail Stores Increasing Sales.

Natural lighting or “daylighting” with skylights is a win-win generationally. Retailers can stand out in a crowd targeting millennial shoppers with their sensitivity to energy usage and climate change. Older customers are accommodated as well. Studies by the Illuminating Engineering Society have shown that after 55 people can need 2.3 times more light and higher quality light than 25-year-olds. The high cost of artificially providing the full spectrum light needed by older folks is eliminated by intelligently placed skylights.  

The cherry on top for retailers using daylighting, confirmed by a study done at the Eneref Institute, is increased foot traffic. Customers interviewed for the study said that the stores felt more inviting. And having the checkout counters lit with daylight made those customers feel more at ease. Salespeople felt more approachable under skylights and overall, the shopping experience was more pleasant. Customers are more likely to spend more time in sunlit retail spaces.

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