Go Home

Do you need to commute into work every single day? If you’ve ever thought you could have just as easily worked from home, now is the time to start. Unleashing more employees to work at home should be aggressively implemented today. Cloud commuting can no longer be reserved for employees with special circumstances, but rather a standard business practice—indeed a best practice. Everyone of us who can just as easily work from home, starting today, should.

Think Outside the Commute

Many tasks require a physical presence in the workplace. However, plenty of tasks are done alone, on a phone or computer. Think about how you could configure a your workday to avoid even one day. Visit the CloudCommuter Checklistto be sure you’re ready.

If relieving our transportation infrastructure and reducing traffic isn’t reason enough for cloud commuting, several recent reports stating that the nature, pace and consequences of climate change requiring urgent action certainly is.

Wednesday is CloudCommuter Day

The CloudCommuter Initiative advocates Wednesdays as a work-at-home day. If you can only work at home one day a week, make it a wednesday. Working away from the office midweek avoids the impression the CloudCommuter is taking a long weekend. And a Wednesday away from the workplace also offer an opportunity to catch up from the workplace distractions of Monday and Tuesday or prepare for Thursday and Friday.

Make the Necessary Arrangements

Use our quick checklist to consider if you have taken everything into account to be a CloudCommuter. While each of us can individually mitigate that risk to climate change, we also want a CloudCommuter who is even more productive. For a CloudCommuter checklist, visit here.

There’s a Better Place

Everyone of us who can just as easily work from home, starting today, should. For those who need a structured workplace away from home, Eneref Institute is working with industry leaders to develop near-home workplaces. To learn more, visit here.


A global initiative to reduce the fuel we burn and time we waste commuting to work.

The CloudCommuter Initiative encourages people and organizations to use cloud technologies that allow more employees to work nearer to their home.