November 18, 2014

Leading Architect Firm Promotes Natural Interior Daylight

[NEWS] Harley Ellis Devereaux Promotes Daylighting 

One of the nation’s most prestigious architectural design firms, Harley Ellis Devereaux, is publicizing their use of natural interior daylight.
In a recent press release the firm explains how Eneref ‘s case study report about the West Berkeley Public Library demonstrates the benefits of natural interior daylight.

It’s great news for the entire daylighting industry that Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) is working to get the word out with such an excellent project.  HED was selected by the City of Berkeley as the architect because of their innovative Zero Net Energy approach to the site and program. The Eneref Institute case study testimonial report is part of our Natural Interior Daylight initiative.

HED Firm Promoting Daylighting: Here
Eneref Institute Case Study Report:  Here
Link to Harley Ellis Devereaux Firm: Here