September 15, 2015

Natural Interior Daylight Forums for 2015

Attracting Daylighting Customers With Testimonials 

[NEWS] As part of Eneref Institute’s Natural Interior Daylight initiative—launched in 2014 to reduce energy use for lighting—Eneref introduces the 2015 Daylighting Case Study Forum Series.

Eneref online forums attract and influence engineers, architects, facility owners and homeowners because Eneref forums topics are founded on Eneref’s evidence-based case study reports. Topics will include skylights, tubular devices, windows, dynamic glazing and light shelves used in a wide variety of building types, with other topics also in consideration.

The people involved in the actual daylighting projects and interviewed for the Eneref Institute case study reports—occupants, building owners, architects and manufactures, etc.—will present the evidence of successful daylighting projects during the forums, offering potential daylighting buyers the opportunity to hear real stories first hand about real installations.

Eneref case study reports go hand-in-hand with Eneref forums. Eneref’s first online forums in the 2015 Natural Interior Daylight series will cover the topic of skylights installed in the Berkeley Public Library. Eneref’s full case study report about the successful installation of natural interior daylight in the Berkeley Public Library is available on the Eneref website. Included in the report are testimonials from Berkeley librarians, with vivid accounts of the value natural interior daylight meant to them as employees as well as the benefits daylight offered their library patrons.

“Using daylight to light a space instead of artificial electric lighting offers us obvious energy benefits,” explains Seth Warren Rose, founding director of Eneref Institute. “Yet, perhaps just as important is the growing body of evidence demonstrating the human health benefits daylighting offers us, and may be why we naturally prefer a corner office or a room with a view. Inherently, we just know.”

The cost of Eneref’s forums is free. The goal of Eneref Institute initiatives is to influence change and move decision-makers toward more socially responsible sustainable development. The 2015 Daylighting Case Study Forums Series will help convert daylighting prospects into daylighting customers so more homes and buildings turn the lights off and let the daylight in.