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Two decades ago, Eneref Institute was barely a speck on the radar. Then known as Eneref Group, the organization was a small player with a very low profile. But over the years, Eneref quietly has become bigger, stronger and more capable. Today, it’s no secret that Eneref Institute is a leader in advocating for socially responsible sustainable development – with a growing presence and a strong portfolio of reports – thanks to a decade of strategic partnerships, sponsor integrations, and organic growth.

Eneref Institute is poised for continued success, based on the following key success factors:

  • A strong portfolio of invaluable reports with social gravitas;
  • Relevant strategies with clear and up-to-date campaigns and initiatives;
  • Simple, disruptive messages that engage key decision-makers at key points of contact;
  • A dynamic culture based on a shared passion for continuous improvement in earth-friendly actions;
  • A motivated team, properly trained, resourced and incentivized to make a difference;
  • A strong collaborative network of global 500 sponsors;
  • Cash to invest behind our campaigns and initiatives;
  • And finally, a strong global foundational brand to support growth.


Water and Women

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Flooring + Roofing

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Heating + Cooling

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Cloud Commuter

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Circadian Lighting

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Eneref Institute develops comprehensive and effective initiatives — building advocacy support for sound ideas. From initiative development, to communicating findings, we look for common sense solutions that can achieve effective results.

Eneref Institute is a catalyst for change. We raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that put forward an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy.

Eneref Trademarks

  • Eneref
  • Eneref Institute
  • PR for Planet Earth
  • Erongi
  • Erongi People
  • Right To Daylight
  • Cloud Commuter


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